Bank scam - new payee request

An Island resident nearly fell victim to a very believable scam.

He wanted us to share this with others to prevent anyone else from falling for it.

He received a text purporting to be from his bank saying that a new payee request was created from an unrecognised device, to cancel this request click a link. Believing it to be genuine he clicked on the link which took him to a page with looked exactly like the banks own log in page and followed the instructions to block the payee request, a message advised that a member of the fraud team would call him and help him to log into his account in a different way.

Hanging up – alarm bells started ringing and after talking to his wife he immediately contacted his bank who confirmed that it was a scam. The bank immediately froze his account and helped him to change his log in details. He then received calls from an 0345 number which he didn’t answer and when he googled this number it confirmed that it was a scam number.

Luckily no money was lost this time however it shows how believable scams can be. Remember never click on links in texts and emails and if you are unsure contact your bank or whichever organisation is involved and they will confirm whether it’s a scam.