Christmas dinner initiative

Everyone in our community deserves a good Christmas dinner!

Winter this year looks like being a bit gloomy and uncertain and may not be greatly cheered by Christmas, depending on what happens with the lockdown and virus.

That is why Crab Niton and Whitwell are considering providing a Christmas dinner to all those in our community who are struggling financially as a result of the pandemic or other reasons or who live alone and are unable to make their own Christmas dinner.

We have contacted a local company which could supply Christmas dinner packs, delivered just before Christmas and which just need heating up on the day. They will be traditional Christmas dinners with a starter and pudding.

We are trying to assess the need for this and therefore if you or someone known to you would benefit from inclusion in this initiative could you please contact our helpline in strictest confidence on 07597604237 so we can get an idea of numbers to see if the scheme would be viable. We are including residents of Niton (and the Undercliff), Bierley, Kingates and Whitwell.

If you are able to help us achieve our objective this Christmas by helping us deliver dinner packs or being a potential sponsor for the purchase of a Christmas Dinner please phone our helpline to pledge your support.

Many thanks for your attention and we look forward to hearing from you.

CrabNiton and Whitwell