Face coverings template

We have 27 volunteers making face coverings for which Thank You so much. As the lock down restrictions are eased we should all start wearing them when we go out to protect others. So far we have over 300. Order forms have been dropped to every house in the village. We still need lots more if we are to supply every one in the village with a mask.

You can make your own. We have been using the template from the following website as part of the IOW Council make a mask initiative.


The mask has two layers of woven fabric which is designed to fit snugly over the mouth and nose so there is no gap at the side where droplets could escape! You can use virtually any washable fabric (because it will need frequent washing). Old sheets for the lining and cotton fabric including old T shirts for the front. A non-woven layer can then be inserted between the woven layers for additional protection. Interlining is perfect. It can have ties to keep it on or we use elastic because its easier to put on and take off.

There is a video on the above site which shows how to make the mask. Be careful that you get the scale right when printing the templates otherwise the mask may be too big or small.

There is a ruler on the template which should measure 2" on the printed version. If it comes out wrong copy the template into a word document and adjust the size and reprint.

Teddy is modelling a face covering made from organic cotton t shirt fabric generously donated by Rapanui for which thank you again.