Introducing Minecraft Niton!

Minecraft Niton is a recreation of Niton and the surrounding landscape in Minecraft. All the buildings have been modeled as their basic shell, leaving players to build up the world as they see fit.

Created by Devon Badman, using Lidar technology. Minecraft Niton is created using software by Christopher Gutteridge, the brains behind Minecraft Ventnor (

Niton Village

The streets are deserted - faceless piles of bricks stand where the buildings once were. We need your help to rebuild the village!

Your mission? Work together to bring Niton to life in Minecraft, or download your own version for free and go nuts!

St. Catherines

How to take part

To run Minecraft Niton you will need a copy of Minecraft Java Edition. ( purchase required, unfortunately)

There are two ways of using Minecraft Niton:

1) Players can download a local copy from here

2) Players can connect to an online multiplayer server using the following address: *Parents should note that the online server is unmoderated and we cannot control who can join and interact with other players.

Castle Haven