Isle of Wight Covid app

A message below from Mrs Susie Sheldon JP, HM Lord-Lieutenant of the Isle of Wight and Trustee of the Isle of Wight Sports Foundation Can I urge you to circulate your members with the details of the new NHS Covid 19 App and urge them to download it.  In this way we can all help save lives. The Isle of Wight is the only place that is able to use this App at the moment and if we are all responsible about it we could significantly reduce infection rate. Tracking the spread of infection is the fastest way that we can get through this crisis and the success of the App depends on a substantial take up.  The app  it takes no personal data from you (other than the first 4 digits of your post code), and it does not track you at all. If you develop symptoms of coronavirus you enter this information into the app and call a number to arrange for a swab test to be sent to you (or for an appointment at Medina Leisure Centre). At this stage anyone else who has the App who has been in contact with you will be contacted which will give them a chance to be tested and, for instance if they are a carer, might prevent them from visiting vulnerable people until they have had the all clear.  I am pleased to be able to let you know that the NHS COVID-19 app is available to download today from the following website, where you will find links to the Apple and Android app stores. Please note that initially  you will need to access the app through this website from your smartphone; it will be available from the Apple and Android app stores when it goes live.
  • Android phones will request “allow” locations – however the app does not use location tracking, but you still need to allow locations, as locations and Bluetooth are co-joined in the permissions settings within the android system.

  • You will need to download the app to your own personal smartphone and please only use it on one phone.  This needs to be the phone you take with you and use most often. Were you to have it on two phones you carried around then they would constantly talk to each other and confirm that you had been in close contact with yourself

The Health Secretary said ‘Where the Isle of Wight leads Britain will follow’.  We have a great opportunity to play a significant role and make a difference.