Make a Facemask

There is growing scientific evidence that wearing facemask reduces the spread of Covid-19. A facemask will not prevent infection but it reduces the spread from people who are infected.

We do not want to divert supplies from the NHS so we are asking people to make facemasks. There are lots of websites showing how these can be made easily. We have fabric donated by Rapanui and elastic which we have bought from Hellerslea Fabrics in Newport. Here is a link to the mask we think is best because it has a double woven layer with a pocket to insert a non woven layer of fabric. It is Type B with seam allowance.

To remain effective masks need to be used for a short period - the exercise hour or grocery shopping trip - and then removed and washed at 60%. We will therefore need lots of masks!

If you are able to make masks for us to supply to others please call the helpline 730748 and we will give you a bundle of materials with instructions.

Please send photos of any natty facemasks you have made to for display on the website to inspire others,