More Scam Alerts

Facemasks - scammers are calling offering facemasks for £29 each. We can make our own - see our Facemask post!

Emails from Apple which look genuine and refer to something you have ordered and then ask you to click through a link. They are just trying to get your details. If you have ordered something from Apple go back to your order confirmation from Apple to check or phone Apple.

TV Licensing email saying your direct debit didn't work and asking you to click through to re-enter your details. Also a scam. Check your bank account for when the licence was paid.

Scammers rely on people panicking and not thinking through what is happening. If you are unsure about any call or email put the phone down or delete the email. You then have time to think and check from your own records. Call us if you are worried and we can check for you or warn others if you have received a scam. 730 748