Norris Family Grocers

We are fortunate to have our functioning and well-stocked Norris Family Grocers in the village, with short waits. It’s a different story across the water, long queues!

Costco queue on the Mainland...!

Need Essential Items?

Norris's are continuing to deliver to 'shielded' and 'self-isolating' groups.  If you are in one of those groups you can email your order to Norris's. Please make sure you include your telephone number and Norris's will phone you for payment.  We will be assisting Norris' with deliveries. 


Here are some useful points to be aware of: 

  • from Monday 30th March, opening times: 10am - 6pm Monday to Sunday

  • key workers: from 8:30am, Monday to Saturday and 10am Sunday

  • coronavirus procedure: - limit on 5 people in the shop at a time

- queuing system outside - 2 meters apart, one-out-one-in 

- stand behind line in front of the till to protect staff 

- observe signs on food limits displayed in the shop