Scams update

Sadly the number of scams relating to the pandemic or otherwise have not diminished. To get more information on scams that particularly affect the Island click here


Here is an update of the most recent ones we have come across.

Government Support Scheme Grant Extension

This one targets businesses and tells them they have been approved for a grant. It asks for bank details for payment. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK

Royal Mail

This scam says a delivery was unsuccessful and asks you to click a link. NEVER CLICK ON THE LINK. Always check the sender's email address to see if it is legitimate.


This one targets people selling online. An email pretends to be from PayPal saying you have received a payment. Again look at the sender's address. It will be similar to but not the same. If you are unsure log into your PayPal account from your browser (Google/Safari) NOT AN EMAIL and check.

Apple, Sky and Amazon

The Amazon scam is still circulating, usually a recorded message saying your Prime membership is being renewed. Put the phone down.

Sky and Apple calls or emails refer to technical issues or account issues. Again look at the email address of the sender carefully. If you have one of these accounts and want to check everything is ok go to your browser (Google/Safari) and login to your account or contract the company from there.