Scams update

Sadly there are numerous people trying to exploit us all during this pandemic. Please be super vigilant. Phone our helpline if you are in doubt. Don't click on links in emails unless you are sure who they are from and ask for proof of identification if anyone knocks on your door whom you don't know.

Here are the latest ones we have come across a few of which are recirculating.

NHS Vaccinations - This an official looking text purporting to be from the NHS saying that you need to book a vaccination appointment. This will then take you to a fake NHS form which will ask for bank details to prove your identity. This is a SCAM

The NHS will never ask for a person’s banking information so please do not provide it

Amazon - usually a bad computer generated recording saying your prime membership is due for renewal of you have ordered an iPad and its ready for delivery. Recipients are asked to call a number to cancel. Put the phone down. It's a scam.

Amazon don't phone people. They only use email. You can search for Amazon and check your account to see what you have ordered.

A few people have reported strangers knocking on their doors offering maintenance and gardening services. Whilst it is generous to help people making an effort to find work you need to make sure you know who the person is and that they are honest and reliable. You can either respectfully close the door or say you will phone once you have done some checking and ask for references to check.

COVID Survey - This is on social media and purports to be authorised by the local authority and seeks to find out how residents are coping with the pandemic. Participants are requested to provide their personal details and are offered a payment of £25 for taking part. It is believed that by giving bank details for the payment the scammers will have access to your bank accounts and can take money from them.

Stay vigilant and safe.