Stu's Quiz: The Results!

The results of Stu's Quiz are in. The top 6 will win one of Stu's lavish prizes! 

6th: Bill & Jean Burbin 62 5th: G&G 63  4th: Bristol Brain Blocks 74 3rd: Skin & Blister 77 2nd: Kingates Crouches 78 1st: Clutty's Isolators 93 Prizes: 6th & 5th Panini stickers  4th a video cassette 3rd a CD 2nd a card game 1st a round of drinks on Stu once the lockdown finishes. Good effort everyone and a massive thank you to Stu for putting this together. The prizes will be awarded directly by Stu once the lockdown finishes. If anyone wants the answers to the quiz then email Stu at and he will send them to you. Look out for another one of Stu's fun quizzes in a few weeks time - details to follow!