Watch out for scam calls about Amazon Prime

It appears that the Amazon scam is again prevalent on the Island. We heard last week about a resident who lost money to this scam, she had previously, accidentally, signed up to Amazon Prime and had to cancel it so when she received an automated call purporting to be Amazon she thought the same thing had happened again. Unfortunately she pressed the button to cancel the payment which led her straight to the scammers. She was kept on the phone for over an hour and a half whilst they convincingly took her card details (allegedly to return the payment to) and took money from her account. They resumed the call the following day and tried to take more however the bank alerted her to this and she stopped the call immediately. This could have been much worse but the resident still lost money that she could ill-afford.

Amazon will NEVER call you in this way – if you get this call hang up immediately it is a SCAM