Weekly Round-Up

As Friday swings back around we're reflecting on another busy week at CRAB, even if it's becoming difficult to remember which day of the week it is...

Stu Babz Isolation Quiz

This is by a (very) long shot the most popular news we've ever posted. Stu said

"Many of you will know me & some will know all about my Quizzes in the Village. Please remember its all a bit of fun - although there are always prizes for the winners, losers & anyone else I feel deserves something, we are just having a laugh!"

You can download Stu's quiz from Here.

Make sure you put your name on your answers and email them to stusquiz@crabniton.org

Good luck!

Design an Easter Egg Competition

With the disruption to the Easter weekend, we decided to hold a from-home egg designing competition.

It's simple, be as creative as you want to design your egg(s). Send a picture of your creations to contact@crabniton.org by midnight on Easter Sunday.

And yes, there will be prizes...Winners will be announced on Tuesday 14th April.

Get those isolation inspiration juices flowing!!

Read more about Here.

Looking after your Mental Health

We're living through an unprecedented and, as a result, an incredibly stressful time. One of our volunteers put together an incredible resource containing tips and guidance for maintaining your mental health and wellbeing.

Read about it Here.

Pharmacy Open tomorrow (Sat 11th April): 9am to 12pm

What's next?

Our CRAB Helpline continues to be busy. Half the calls relate to delivery of prescriptions and the system is working very well. The remaining calls are a variety of requests from delivery of groceries, to checking up on vulnerable people in the village.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered so far. Thank you also to those volunteers who are quietly helping friends and neighbours - please call us if you need help.

We now have 84 volunteers, who this week have thankfully not all been required to help. This is good news because it means our community is not being badly affected so far. We are planning some more ways to help the village which we will be introducing in the coming weeks, including dog walking and a safe-plant swap scheme!

Happy Easter weekend, stay safe :)