Stu Babz

Isolation Quiz

Many of you will know me & some will know all about my Quizzes in the Village. Please remember its all a bit of fun - although there are always prizes for the winners, losers & anyone else I feel deserves something, we are just having a laugh! 

Quiz Rules

  • No Cheating….but who will know.

  • It may help to be a Niton resident.

  • Quiz's must be submitted before Weds 15th April.

  • Have Fun!

  • Don’t take it too seriously.

  • The quiz master is always right (most of the time)

How to take part

To take part in the quiz you need to download the three files on this page. Fill the quiz out and return it to within the timeframe (15/04/20). Please remember to put your name on your email. Winners will be announced on our social media platforms and our blog.

Good luck!

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