Niton Village - Shop Opening Hours 

Norris Stores

Monday-Saturdays   07:30 to 21:00 

Sundays 09:00 to 21:00


Pharmacy 01983 730240

Monday to Friday – 09:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 16:00

Saturdays  09:00 to 12:00


Post Office

Monday to Saturday 09:00 to 12:00 


You can read newspapers online FREE using Press Reader if you are a member of a library.

Norris Family Grocers 

Norris' are continuing to deliver to anyone who is unable to go into the shop.   You can email your order to Norris'. Please include your telephone number and Norris' will phone you for payment.  


You can find all details about their delivery service by clicking this link:

Please be aware of:

  • coronavirus procedure:

    • limit on 5 people in the shop at a time

    • queuing system outside - 2 meters apart, one-out-one-in 

    • stand behind line in front of the till to protect staff 

    • observe signs on food limits displayed in the shop

Are you 'shielding' or 'self-isolating'? 


Shielding is a measure to protect extremely vulnerable people by their minimising interactions. 

If you have a condition which makes you extremely vulnerable, or have received a letter from NHS England, the Government strongly advises following Shielding measures. 


If you are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus - such as a high temperature or a persistent dry cough or if you have lost your sense of taste or smell - you should be self-isolating. 

You should be tested to verify whether you have the virus.  If you have the NHS Covid app on you smartphone you can request a test via the app.  If you do not have a smart phone you can get a test at the drive through test centre in Newport.  Phone 03333 218865 for an appointment  Monday to Saturday between 9am-2.30pm.  

On arrival a self-test kit is provided which involves taking a swab from the throat and the nose to identify if Coronavirus is present. If the test is negative you can stop isolating.  If you test positive you must complete 7 days of self isolating from first showing symptoms and anyone in your household must self isolate for 14 days from you first showing symptoms.

Social Distancing 

The current Government advice is:

  • keep two metres apart from people not in your household or support bubble at all times.

  • continue to avoid public transport other than for essential journeys.

  • wear a face covering if you do use public transport - this includes ferries

  • meet people not from you household or support bubble outside and only up to 6

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