How can you help us?

We need volunteers for a variety of tasks such as: 

  • delivering leaflets 

  • delivering prescriptions 

  • shopping for isolated people 

  • being a telephone friend

  • taking people to medical appointments 

  • many others


Safety - as a group of volunteers we need to keep ourselves and our community safe. Goods being delivered are being handled minimally but make sure you wear the gloves being provided and follow precautionary advice.

Thank you! 

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Crab Niton Volunteer Form 

Thank you to all those have volunteered so far.  It means that we can start to support the community and local businesses from now on. 

We still need more volunteers to help us deliver services. If you are interested in volunteering please fill in our form and either:

  • post a printed copy through the Niton library's post box (beside the front door); or 

  • call our helpline -  07597604237- and talk to one of our volunteers


Briefing Note for Volunteers 

  • If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 such as fever, sore throat or cough then please do not agree to help at this time. 

  • Please protect personal and sensitive information about individuals (names, addresses, medical information) and avoid disclosing any data or information to others. 

  • Please inform us if for any reason you have been unable to fulfil your task. 

  • Please protect yourself. 

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All Drop Offs 

  • Wear your badge with its unique number in a prominent position 

  • When you arrive at the person's house, sanitise your hands

  • Let them know you've arrived by knocking or ringing the door bell 

  • Leave items on the doorstep, step back at least 2 metres and avoid all personal contact 

  • When you leave a person's home, sanitise your hands for a second time 


  • Ensure you know exactly which surgery/pharmacy you are collecting from

  • Is payment required? 

  • You may need to provide personal details to the pharmacy to collect the prescription. Do you have the full name and address of the person you're collecting for? 

  • Check that the name and address on the prescription is correct before you leave the pharmacy and check again on delivery that the person receiving the medication is the same person.

  • Some medication may need to be stored in the fridge, you will be told this on collection, please communicate this to the isolating person. 

  • If the individual has a question about the medication, please ask them to contact the pharmacy. 


  • To maintain the 2 metres safe distance, ensure the person that you're driving for sits in the back of the car. 

  • Keep the car clean and disinfect the most used surfaces such as steering wheel, gear stick and door handles 

The above information is available to download here.